Frequently Asked Question about Back 2 School

Here at Back2School Texas, we know that our services are so amazing that they may seem unreal. As such, we know that you may have a few questions about who we are, what we offer, and how we go about doing it.

Rest assured, we want to take the time to answer all of your questions fully. Without further adieu, here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked at Back2School Texas.


Who are we? 

We are parents just like you, concerned about the pricing of school supplies and the tediousness involved in acquiring them.

Why did we create Back2School?  

We know all too well the feeling of driving from major retailer to major retailer looking for overpriced school supplies for our children. We created this service to circumvent that. With families and their children as our priority, this program provides convenience and competitive prices all in one place.

You no longer have to wait in line, waste gas driving from store to store, or pay unreasonable prices just to get the tools your child needs to succeed in school.

How do we work?

Our company coordinates with Public, Charter, and Private schools to create and deliver school supply packages to each student at their home campus. Your child’s teacher requests these packages—full of brand name school supplies —by grade. 

What do I do? 

All you have to do is goes to Back2School Texas, register, and then choose your child’s package by school and grade. That’s it. The process doesn’t take long, you can make your payment online, and you’re done. Simple!

If you don’t have access to the Internet, we have still got you covered. You can contact us at 1 (800) 231-4380 and request pricing there as well.

How much does it cost? 

You’ll come to find that our prices are comparable—and frequently lower—than other major retailers like Walmart, HEB, Target, or other office supplies stores.

Of course, the costs are dependent on what particular supplies are needed for your child’s grade level. When placing an order, before hitting the submit button, you’ll see the listed price plus any particular discount—if any sales are ongoing—that may reduce it.

And it is well worth it, as we here at Back2School Texas like to give back to the community. A portion of the sales we make go to the PTO/PTA of the campus, helping to raise more funds for your school.

What method of payments do you accept? 

We accept credit card, debit cards, Apple Pay, or PayPal. We also accept bank deposits and money orders, too.

For any additional information about acceptable payment methods, reach out to us at 1 (800) 231-4380 or send a TEXT to (210) 643-3209 or (210) 993-3555 today.

When can I order my school supplies package? 

Our sales period opened up on May 1st and ends on July 31st.

Now is the perfect time to set up your order so that you don’t have to worry about beating the lines, traffic, and prices come August.

When and where can I pick it up?

For your convenience, our packages are delivered to your child’s campus on two dates. The first date that you can go and pick it up would be on the “Open House” or “Meet the Teacher” day, depending on the dates.

If you aren’t able to make that arrangement, no need to worry. The next day you can pick it up will be at the “Back2School” counter located within your child’s school on his or her first day back.

What if I didn’t get to place my order on the date that I was supposed to?

The deadline to order your child’s school supplies package for the upcoming school year is July 31st. After that, unfortunately, we will not be selling any more packages.

If I’m not able to pick it up, what options do I have?

You have the option to send your child, the student, or someone else you trust to pick up the package with the sales ticket. Any remaining packages will be sent to the front desk of your school where it can be picked up later.    


Our only question to you is, “What are you waiting for?” 

You only have a few more weeks left to take advantage of our service!


There isn’t much time left to take advantage of the convenience and savings available by shopping through Back2School Texas.

Don’t put it off. Contact us at 1 (800) 231-4380 and order today!